Get To Know Us

"Church Is My Club™" is a Christian movement originally established by founder Vanessia Johnson in 2014 to encourage and inspire others to continue fellowshipping with one another. After a brief break, we are excited to relaunch January 2021!

We understand that some may have experienced hurt and decided to turn away some may think that after receiving "salvation" your lives have to be dull. Maybe, there was a time in their lives where getting ready for a night out at a 'secular' club was the most exciting time of the week. Many may have prepared by drinking and smoking, while others took painstaking measures to make sure they looked flawless for endless hours of partying and dancing.

Through "Church Is My Club™", we want all Christians to know that their decision to follow Christ doesn't mean they have to live boring, quiet lives. You don't have to calm down -- you've just switched partners and venues! At church, you can still put on your BEST and go PRAISE, WORSHIP, and BE ENCOURAGED alongside other Christians! Our goal is to show the EXCITMENT regarding Christ, fellowship and most importantly BEING the CHURCH!

With the pandemic that has happened in 2020, we understand you may have to "fellowship" differently! However, regardless of your denomination, if you are worshipping in person or virtually, if you're just getting started, or if you've been on your Christian walk for years let's continue to be EXCITED!

Vanessia J. (Founder)